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Future Friendly Podcast — Ep. 03

Reports don’t change the world — with Farhana Yamin

Farhana Yamin, is the international climate lawyer responsible for getting the target of net zero emissions by 2050 included in the Paris accord. She came up with the goal after growing tired of the incremental improvements around the globe.

We discuss her recent work where Farhana has moved away from a ‘top-down’, expert-driven approach for change. Instead, she now advocates a decentralised approach that empowers people at the local level to be both thinkers and doers in creating solutions for climate change. Farhana has observed that this approach avoids the siloed thinking of the past and leads to more creative, integrated solutions that are necessary to address climate change.

(00:54) Farhana’s personal connection to the environment and journey to becoming an international climate change lawyer.

“There was a wave of enthusiasm in my mental model that I can use law to shape and influence the economy through a little piece of environmental law.”

(11:55) Finding and speaking Farhana’s truth

“In the last few years, I’ve been more vocal and using my own voice as an academic, public speaker, and activist. I can speak with more integrity and truth on what works and doesn’t work.”

(22:27) False promises from the Paris Agreement

“Why are we celebrating the Paris agreement? This is not a story of not getting it, this is a story of deliberate, willful, planned, corporate neglect. That story will hopefully be told. ”

(50:12) How we frame problems to build advocacy and action

“You need to take radical action, build your movement... you’re not going to write a report and change the world.”

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