Future Friendly Podcast.

Future Friendly Podcast

Designing good work — Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor is the Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts, a UK organisation that has been committed to solving the biggest societal challenges for over 260 years. In July 2017 Matthew published the report ‘Good Work’; an independent review into modern employment, which was commissioned by UK Prime Minister, Theresa May.

During our thought-provoking conversation, we cover several topics:

  • How to define and design ‘good work’ for individuals and society.

  • The need to change how we value work in our society and how we might bridge the divide between manual labour and thinking jobs.

  • The potential for a human-centred design approach to impact policymakers and reduce anxiety in their work.

The Future Friendly Podcast is for people working in organisations that deliver everyday products and services and want to make a difference.

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