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Future Friendly Podcast — Ep. 05

Designing good work — Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor is the Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts, a UK organisation that has been committed to solving the biggest societal challenges for over 260 years. In July 2017 Matthew published the report ‘Good Work’; an independent review into modern employment, which was commissioned by UK Prime Minister, Theresa May.

During our thought-provoking conversation, we cover several topics:

  • How to define and design ‘good work’ for individuals and society.

  • The need to change how we value work in our society and how we might bridge the divide between manual labour and thinking jobs.

  • The potential for a human-centred design approach to impact policymakers and reduce anxiety in their work.

Links from the pod:

Matthew Taylor RSA Blog: https://www.thersa.org/blog/matthew-taylor

Bridges to the Future Podcast: https://bridges-to-the-future.simplecast.com/

RSA blog on Medium: https://medium.com/@thersa

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