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Creating equity and access to the future of education — Greg Attwells

How do we increase equity and access to education so no one is left behind?

Creatable is an education company, led by Greg Attwells, on a mission is to solve this challenge. Creatable connects the companies shaping the future of work with the professional development of teachers with a strong emphasis on increasing the inclusion of underrepresented groups in education.

In this episode, we understand more about Greg’s personal journey to build Creatable fuelled by his own deeply held values around empowering women.

During this expansive conversation, we cover several topics including:

  • The growing divide between the classrooms of today and the jobs of the future.

  • Understanding and overcoming legacy barriers to young women accessing STEM subjects.

  • Navigating the journey to scale - how Greg went from teaching young women in Sydney to building a platform that saw itself providing solutions to problems in one of the poorest countries in the world

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