On Financial Wellbeing

Nick Gower, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Future Friendly

Feeling good about money

Anson Parker, Head of Product, Up Banking

How Open Banking will help improve financial wellbeing

Gareth Gumbley, Founder and CEO, Frollo

Money lessons for the next generation

Ryan Gonsalves, Director of Strategy and Implementation, Banking and Financial Services, NSW Treasury

Harnessing history & purpose to deliver financial wellbeing

Deirdre Boyle, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at BankVic

Me, Myself and Money – Investing in Financial Wellbeing

Carmel Franklin, CEO, Care Financial Counselling Service and the Consumer Law Centre of the ACT

A conversation on an evidence based approach to designing financial wellbeing

Mohamed Khalil, GM, Group Financial Wellbeing, Commonwealth Bank

Money, meaning and equality

Henry Cho, formerly Head of Digital Wellbeing & Design Commonwealth Bank

The link between financial wellbeing and mental health

Greg Jennings, Head of Workplace & Home, Beyond Blue

Understanding the cost of living

Kristin Bamford, Product Manager, SNSW

The cost of doing nothing – the effect an individual can have on the financial sector

Mariko Braswell & Vinita Godinho
Move 78 & Financial Resilience Australia

The role language plays in the redesign of our public services

Sarah Yassien, SBS

Acting on purpose

Amanda Gordon, Head of Creative, Future Super

How NSW is delivering great digital services in a post-pandemic world

Victor Dominello, Minister for Customer Service, NSW Government

Designing for mental health and resilience

Robert Koch, Founder, Ally Health

Finding Umami

Vicki Tan, Spotify Podcasts

Supporting a Mentally Healthy Australia during COVID

Caroline Edwards, Associate Secretary, Department of Health

Reimagining Financial Resilience for a post-COVID world

Vinita Godinho, Founder, Financial Resilience Australia

Accelerating Health in the Post-COVID world

Steven Issa, Chief Digital Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency

Glitch or new normal?

Henry Cho, Formerly Head of Digital Wellbeing & Design, Commonwealth Bank

Silver linings & pitfalls of the COVID19 Response

Rebecca Cross, Coordinator General for the COVID 19 response, ACT Government

Creating better public services

Anthony McGuiness, Canberra Founder & Policy Design Partner, Future Friendly

Test, learn, adapt: The importance of experimentation

Dr Rory Gallagher, Managing Director, The Behavioural Insights Team

Digital experience in a changing world

Peter Buckmaster, Director of Digital Experience Design, NSW Education

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