Portrait of Aaron Styles

Aaron Styles

Lead Developer

Portrait of Alex Moffatt

Alex Moffatt

Senior Product Designer

Portrait of Alex Rapley

Alex Rapley

Lead Developer

Portrait of Amy Sherington

Amy Sherington

Senior Product Designer

Portrait of Andrew McIntosh

Andrew McIntosh

Finance Manager

Portrait of Anthony McGinness

Anthony McGinness

Canberra Co-Founder

Portrait of Bella Miller

Bella Miller


Portrait of Brendan Reed

Brendan Reed


Portrait of Chris Bear

Chris Bear

Partner, Operations

Portrait of Christopher Ellis

Christopher Ellis

Partner, Design

Portrait of Claudette Yazbek

Claudette Yazbek

Product Manager

Portrait of Courtney Gribble

Courtney Gribble

Product Manager

Portrait of Dane Yardy

Dane Yardy

Senior Product Manager

Portrait of Daniel O'Hara

Daniel O'Hara

Senior Product Designer

Portrait of Edward Corcoran

Edward Corcoran

Product Design Lead

Portrait of Emilie Browne

Emilie Browne

Partner, Product

Portrait of Emily Mundzic

Emily Mundzic

Product Manager

Portrait of Horacio Morán

Horacio Morán


Portrait of Johnny Rogers

Johnny Rogers

Partner, Design

Portrait of Jon Christensen

Jon Christensen


Portrait of Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Product Manager

Portrait of Laura Ryan

Laura Ryan

Partner, Strategy

Portrait of Liam Fiddler

Liam Fiddler

Head of Technology

Portrait of Luke Parry

Luke Parry

Partnerships Manager

Portrait of Lyndal Fleming

Lyndal Fleming

Product Designer

Portrait of Maddie Cartmer

Maddie Cartmer


Portrait of Maddison Rutter-Malley

Maddison Rutter-Malley

Product Manager

Portrait of Nick Gower

Nick Gower


Portrait of Oliver Bryant

Oliver Bryant


Portrait of Phoebe Haylen

Phoebe Haylen

Studio Coordinator

Portrait of Sam Lloyd

Sam Lloyd

Product Design Lead

Portrait of Sarah Ashman-Baird

Sarah Ashman-Baird

Head of Product Management

Portrait of Stephen Chiu

Stephen Chiu

Senior Developer

Portrait of Wendy San

Wendy San

Senior Product Designer

Portrait of Yasin Masukor

Yasin Masukor

Partner, Product Design

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